Synspec has several standard applications to measure hydrocarbons in ambient air by gas chromatography.

Elsewhere on our site you will find a full list of applications. On this page we share a short list of frequently used applications :

Measurement of benzene, toluene, xylenes as per the regulations in force in many countries to prevent the harmful effects of these hydrocarbons on human health

  • Measurement of ozone precursor compounds as per the selection in the USA and in the EU to be able to monitor and later on reduce these hydrocarbons in ambient air to prevent formation of ozone

  • Measurement of Methane and the sum of all other hydrocarbons in air to know the total hydrocarbons pollution.

  • We also supply analysers for measurement of toxic hydrocarbons in ambient air, in stack and inside industrial buildings. For these applications the selection of the compounds is not fixed, as it depends of the products made by these industries. So each year the list is growing.

New on our website: a summary of all compounds we have already included in applications for customers all over the world. It contains IUPAC name, CAS number  (which is unique for each compound), some physical properties and the best detector to measure the compounds.

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