A cool approach to gas chromatography

The Synspec gas chromatographs for measuring hydrocarbons in ambient air try to use heat sparingly, now we use a new cooled feature.

A gas chromatograph works by separating hydrocarbons in a coated column through which a carrier gas transports hydrocarbons. The low boiling hydrocarbons move the fastest. Temperature influences the speed and efficiency of the process. Where laboratory gas chromatographs push up the temperature range quite high to clean out the tubes well, Synspec uses a backflush system, whichenables us to clean columns at a lower temperature.

In our systems we play with temperature also in the zone where we trap the hydrocarbons out of the ambient air: in the preconcentration trap. By sucking the sample through an absorbing material we concentrate the hydrocarbons by a factor up to 800 times. This leads to low detection limits. For low boiling hydrocarbons we cool this trap now to a new low limit: we go well below – 10 oC. In that way measurement of the C2 hydrocarbons ethane, ethane and acetylene is greatly improved, which is important for the measurement of ozone precursor hydrocarbons. Also other toxic hydrocarbons profit from this feature. Contact us for more information. Existing systems can be retrofitted with this feature.

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