New application on demand

Syntech Spectras GC955 is now as a standard available in 7 different models, which can all be supplied with different detectors and with many different columns.
Please look at our application list for a standard model that suits your needs.
You can
download a document with description of all components that we have done for our customers.

We can always adapt an analyzer to individual needs, fill in the form.
For that you need to give us the following information:
• Substances that must be monitored
• Concentration range and detection limit
• Time available for one complete cycle from sampling to completing detection
• Possible interfering circumstances, like water, high temperature, other hydrocarbons.

Within a short time we can tell you the possibility to monitor the sample and give you a proposal with a price. 
Since we design, build and test all analyzers at Synspec premises, making modifications is not expensive nor time-consuming.