Distributor meeting 2016

The biannual Synspec distributor meeting will be held in Bangkok on June 17-18-19.

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Ascension Day May 5th 2016

Synspec will be closed on May 5th 2016. We will be happy to support you again from May 6th.

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Kingsday April 27th

On April 27th 2016, our king Willem Alexander has his birthday. Every year, this is resulting in a big party in the whole country and it is designated as a national holiday. Therefore Synspec is closed on this day. We are back in the office on April 28th.

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Quality Management System

In March, the quality management system of Synspec has been verified on completeness and effectiveness. We have obtained the certification for ISO9001 (Quality Management) and ISO14001 (Environment) for the next three years.

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Achema 2015

Thank you for visiting us at our stand at the Achema!

If you want to discuss with us, please call us at: +31 50 526 6454 or send us an email: info@synspec.nl.

Datasheets shared at Achema
NH3 with QCL-photoacoustics
N2O with QCL-photoacoustics
Water purge unit

Coming soon
will be available after Achema

You have spoken to
Rens Zijlmans (r.zijlmans@synspec.nl)
Michael Rijpkema (m.rijpkema@synspec.nl)
Ingolf Kahl (i.kahl@synspec.de)
Andreas Kahl (a.kahl@synspec.de)
Henry Boertien (h.boertien@synspec.nl)

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Looking back: Open Huis

We are looking back on a fantastic Open Huis at Synspec! We were happy to welcome a big, enthusiastic audience during the afternoon and evening. Also, we all had to opportunity to wish Frank and Titia all the best with their new home in France and to thank them for creating a one-of-a-kind company. The weather could not be better, so we were able to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Synspec until way after sunset on the Synspec premises, enjoying nice food and drinks.

The Synspec staff put their best efforts in preparing very interesting demonstrations. The participants of the Open Huis were offered a tour via the unique temporary Synspec Museum, a demonstration with whipped cream and the special Synspec production processes and testing facilities.

In the evening, a delicious mediterranean buffet was served. During and after the dinner we welcomed another big group of  guests: the Abel Tasman shanty choir. They were all dressed up beautifully and gave a fantastic performance! And another special performance was given by the Synspec duo Wouter and Geraldina.

Below, a few pictures of the Open Huis are shown.

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Open Huis 5 September

In the afternoon of Friday September 5th, we celebrate that Synspec exists for 20 years, together with the change of management. It will also be a nice occasion to say goodbye to Frank and Titia.

At 14:00, the ‘Open Huis’ starts. During the ‘Open Huis’ we will give demonstrations on the working places and you can see what happens at Synspec at De Deimten 1: development—production and testing of high quality products. The demonstrations will be shown until 16:30.

Furthermore, we will show you in some presentations on the wordlwide applications of Synspec equipment, about the history of Synspec and on the new plans of Frank and Titia

Outside there will be a party tent, where you can talk with all the Synspec people and the other guests, while enjoying some drinks. From 17:00, there will be a warm and cold buffet.

We are happy to invite you to visit us on September 5th. Please let us know before September 1st whether you will come or not and  if you will join the buffet. Please react via email to: info@synspec.nl 


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Distributor meeting 2014 - Hangzhou

The bi-annual distributor meeting from Synspec was held this year in Hangzhou, China. After a few distributor meetings in Europe, this location was easier for our Asian distributors to attend. And maybe even more important: it is the most beautiful city in China!

An interesting and international group of people attended the meeting as you can see in the picture that was taken during a visit to a fantastic temple complex in Hangzhou.

During the meeting, we discussed a lot of different subjects, ranging from the history of Synspec to the introduction of new products and opportunities. For example, the water purge unit, sample conditioning unit and developments in LSE Monitors received much attention. Furthermore, a few products developed by FPI were introduced. And last but not least: the management structure of Synspec was discussed in detail.

We are looking back to a successful distributor meeting and we are already looking forward to the next edition in two years!

The Synspec Team

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Specific industrial applications

Different industries have different emissions. Old industrial waste deposits may lead to long time leaking of unwanted compounds. Synspec supplies analysers all over the world, and we are sometimes requested to build analyser to monitor compounds that in no other country needs to monitored, simply because the process is only in use in that particular country. New compounds for us in the last years: alpha-methylstyrene, indane, furfural.

Some are easy to measure, some are technically complex. For many of these “exotic” compounds the realisation of a good calibration method, that is also useable for the customer, is a big challenge.

On the applications section more information about all compounds we have done.

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Distributor meeting in Hangzhou

From June 19 to 21 Synspec will organize its biannual distributor meeting.

The meeting will take place in Hangzhou China, the home of our mother company Focussed Photonics Inc. ( FPI). This will be the first general meeting to be held outside of Europe for Synspec and already 15 of our worldwide distributors have registered for this event

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