About us

Synspec, started in 1993 by Titia and Frank Meuwese is since 1998 market leader for the online benzene and BTEX analysers. The company has a strong position in the market for monitoring of ozone precursors and for monitoring toxic hydrocarbons in industrial areas.

We sell these analysers worldwide over a network of distributors.

Synspec is owned by Bohnen Beheer. This company also owns LSE Monitors, which started as a joint venture with Sensor Sense and produces a new QCL PAS analyser for the monitoring of ammonia and N2O in immission and emission in different markets. For LSE Monitors, see the separate website.

The company has its own facilities in Groningen, where R&D, production, test and sales is placed. Existing products are updated and new products are being developed constantly.

We are especially proud of our laboratory testing facilities, with a very practical and complete lay-out for testing hydrocarbons in the range of the sub-parts per billion into the percentage range.

Our analysers are often used by people with little formal training in chemical analysis.
Our company is dedicated to help you if you encounter problems with the technique or if you seek advice on evaluating your measurement results.
Synspec gives a lot of trainings in company and also onsite.
If you are interested in joining, check the news or contact us.
The systems contain standard industrial PCs, you normally work with standard Microsoft Windows techniques. The software controlling the systems is an important part of it, when we develop new products the software will be extended to incorporate them.
The hardware is also developed in house, we have a very experienced group of R&D people able to develop new electronics and mechanical parts.