Process control

Synspec supplies mainly to the ambient market and to the industrial safety market. Our analyzers are also interesting for applications in process control. Especially where low detection levels are required or where the PID is the detector of choice. Since we design and build our analyzers in-house by our compact production group, our prices for special analyzers are often very competitive.


Some examples:

Monitoring of ethene in power generation combined with cabon dioxide generation in greenhouses

This application is supplied as an OEM by Hanwel from Enschede, Netherlands under the brand name Coditheen


Air filters

With our gas chromatographs very low concentrations of hydrocarbons can be measured. These can be used for controlling the functioning of purifying filters. Some manufacturers use our analysers to control their filter products.

Others use the system to save on filter replacement, as they only have to be replaced when the analyser shows the filter is no longer effective. An individual offer can be made for your application.


Flare control

A new application is to enable production plants to save on flare burning.

This application is described in a new data sheet


Pyrolysis gas

One of the new types of energy is pyrolysis gas that is made out of different types of organic material by heating it under exclusion of oxygen.

Synspec can measure the typical mixtures that are formed, with low oxygen content, but high amounts of carbon monoxide and low boiling hydrocarbons. See the data sheet



Another type of energy generation is by biological processes. Biogases are different in composition from pyrolysis gas, with high concentrations of carbon dioxide and water as well as low boiling hydrocarbons. See the data sheet


Diving gas

The gas mixtures used at high pressure for divers contain a high amount of helium, besides the normal gases as present at ambient pressure: oxygen, nitrogen, argon, methane, carbon dioxide etc.

The results are calculated as required by the users as partial pressure.


Stack emissions of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide

Many industrial processes have these 3 compounds as byproduct. All three are greenhouse gases. Synspec can offer in combination with LSE a solution for these gases: the Synspec Alpha 121 Methane / carbondioxide analyser and the LSE N2O analyser. See data sheet