Water monitoring of toxic hydrocarbons

A purge and trap unit is now available for the separated individual measurement of volatile organic hydrocarbons in water in combination with the full range of Synspec gas chromatographs.

The purge and trap unit has been developed to strip VOC with air or nitrogen from water for the continuous qualitative and quantitative determination of up to 40 hydrocarbons.Three main applications are: monitoring industrial waste water, monitoring for control by authorities of drinking, surface and ground water and monitoring during cleaning of contaminated soil:

1 control of raw and of cleaned industrial waste water before transferring it further to be certain that the water is not contaminated. In this way pollution of rivers etc. can be prevented.

2 measurement of water quality in surface and ground water to ascertain its quality for many purposes.

3 determining the quality of ground water layers: this either near contaminated soil sites or during the clean–up process of the soil, where water is often used to remove hydrocarbon contamination.

In the above mentioned cases the monitor water samples can be analysed in a laboratory. This process is however time consuming and expensive. With online measurements you can react immediately if alarm values are exceeded.Now 3 new data sheets available:

General brochure on the WPU

Brochure on the application of the WPU in refineries

Brochure on the application of the WPU in industry