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Water Purge Unit (WPU)

Accessory to Measure Volatile Organic Hydrocarbons in Water with a GC

Synspec Water Purge Unit (WPU) has been specifically developed to strip volatile organic hydrocarbons from water, and should be used in combination with a Synspec gas chromatography (GC) system. By using this combination of a WPU with a GC it is possible to determine the concentrations of hydrocarbons in water.

The instrument can be utilised in various applications:

  • monitoring industrial waste water
  • monitoring by authorities to check surface and ground waters
  • monitoring of water used for cleaning contaminated soil

Application Type: soil sanitation

Technical Information
Size H 75 cm, Width 40 cm (fits 19”rack), D 21 cm
Recommended Analysers Synspec GC955 or Synspec Alpha and Delta lines; internal computer GC controls WPU