Brochure Benzene analyzer for monitoring in ambient air.


Synspec Alpha 114

The Alpha 114 is a system that uses a cooled trap to concentrate low boiling hydrocarbons and to separate them from methane. So it does not have a separate column. The detector is an FID detector.
The loop size is 2 ml.

Synspec Alpha 115 / 116

The Alpha 115 and 116 are systems with a sample loop and a single column. The column has a special multi-layer packing to enable good separation of Methane from the other hydrocarbons. In backflush mode the hydrocarbons are then analysed as one peak.
The loop size is 250 ul or less.

Synspec Alpha 401

The Alpha 401 has a preconcentration trap at room temperature and an isothermal column. The detection is made with a PID detector.
The software of this system is very different from the software of the GC955 400 series that has a similar layout.