The Delta series is for applications in industry in ppm to % concentrations. The software of the Delta is very extensive to suit the need of the industrial user for data communication with control systems. The Delta is frequently supplied together with a stream selector.

A few typical features:

  • Calculation of time weighted averages
  • Alarm features for low and high alarms
  • Communication to customer alarm systems by RS232, Ethernet, SMS etc.
  • Modbus protocols on customer specification
  • Daily automatic validation with customer specified reporting
The Delta is supplied in two types:
Delta 100: with a loop, a packed column and as detector PID, FID or TCD
Delta 300: with a loop, a capillary column and as detector PID, FID or TCD.

Brochure CEMS Methane / TNMHC
Brochure toxic hydrocarbons

Delta with stream selector

The stream selector can be used with all types of GCs as produced by Synspec, but it is mainly used with a Delta. Together they form a powerful, cheap and robust option for monitoring many industrial safety applications.

We have users in many companies all over the world for this combination. Up to 15 streams can be monitored, the software is very flexible.