Product portfolio

Differences between the series

Multi components
(up to 40)
One component analyser One component analyser
One or two detectors One detector One detector
Standard capillary or packed columns Special column cage Special column cage
One or two 10-port valves One 10-port valve One 10-port valve
External calibration switch box Internal calibration switch box Internal calibration switch box
4 standard analogue outputs 10V or 4-20 mA Application dependant 4 10V or  4 – 20mA
7 digital outputs TTL (one relay) Application dependant 7 digital outputs TTL (one relay)
10.5” colour display 6.5” colour touch screen 6.5” colour touch screen
Applications can be changed by trained customer Not changeable Can be bought per component
5 HU 3 HU 3 HU
CE approval, DIN/EN (emission) insurance (ethene) CE approval, insurance (ethene) CE approval
Custom built monitors available Only fixed applications Different applications available on order on standard monitor