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Monitoring Feedstock Gases

This Application

  • Monitoring purified CO2  feedstock on THC presence

Other Applications for Purified Gases

  • NMTHC measurement in N2 with total-FID
  • 24/7 BTEX monitoring in plant air inlet

Other Compounds

  • Total volatile hydrocarbons
  • Aromatics/BTEX/other VOCs

Other Areas

  • Continuous purity checks on feedstock gases
  • Process gas monitoring


  • Impurities influence products’ qualities


Process gas supplier for the manufacturing of lithography machines (The Netherlands)


The project was implemented for one of the largest suppliers of purified process gases in the world. Ultra clean CO2 is required in the cleanroom production facilities of the end client as the presence of VOCs can be very harmful for the production and test procedures.

Local Circumstances

To minimise the VOC presence, the CO2 is filtered by an active coal filter plant before entering the production facilities.

Solution & Results

The utility department of the end client was offered a special Synspec GC total PID/FID instrument for continuous monitoring of the CO2 gas quality. It is connected with an alarm system and requires little maintenance efforts.