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Semiconductor Industry

This Application

  • 24/7 BTEX monitoring in plant air inlet

Other Semiconductor Applications

  • Monitoring purified CO2  feedstock on VOC presence
  • NMTHC measurement in N2 with total-FID

Other Compounds

  • Aromatics/BTEX
  • Other VOCs

Other Areas

  • Continuous purity checks on feedstock gases
  • Process gas monitoring
  • Measuring filter efficiencies


  • Impurities influence production quality rates


Wafer production facility (United States)


The project was done for one of the largest semiconductor foundry companies in the world. In cleanrooms an ultra clean air is required, essentially treated through HEPA or ULPA filters and other methods for air purification.

Local Circumstances

VOCs are not always efficiently removed through these methods, especially when traffic on the site is involved, which can cause unwanted fluctuations of VOC presence in the cleanrooms.

Solution & Results

The customer was offered Synspec BTEX instrument for continuous monitoring  of the air inlets. This enabled the plant to adapt the air inlet, according to the actual VOC concentration levels. The device has been running smoothly since the commissioning, and has been easy to maintain.