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LSE N2O-4405 Analyser

Ultra sensitive N2O Monitor for ambient air and stack measurements

Nitrous oxide (N2O) is a man-made green house and ozone depletion gas. Emissions from agriculture are the main source, followed by industry and energy plants. 

Although the concentration of N2O in the atmosphere is relatively high (330 ppbv), the day and night fluctuations are small and so are seasonal differences. Therefore, highly sensitive and stable instrumentation is needed to monitor N2O emissions in the atmosphere. This instrumentation was not commercially available up till now.

For the detection of N2O, LSE Monitors developed a highly sensitive laser-based photoacoustic detector, able to monitor continuously and on line the concentration of N2O with a detection limit below one ppbv within several minutes. The detector is specifically designed to work stand alone with virtually no maintenance. It is robust and has a user-friendly software. The monitor is designed to keep the cost of ownership as low as possible.

Application type: ambient air monitoring

Technical Information

Noise (1σ, 120 s)

0.005 ppm
Range 0-15 ppm, on request tunable to higher concentrations
Precision A maximum precision of 0.005 ppm or 2% of measured value, whichever is the biggest
Time Resolution 120 s

Response time (T10-90%)

< 2 min

R2 > 0.999

Sample Flow Rate

80 ml/min