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Monitoring VOCs in Adhesives Plant

This Application

  • Monitoring pentane, acetone, hexane, ethylacetate, toluene

Other Applications

  • NMTHC comparison of plant air inlet and exhaust with total-FID
  • 24/7 BTEX monitoring in plant air inlet

Other Compounds

  • Total volatile hydrocarbons
  • Aromatics/chlorinated VOCs

Other Areas

  • Chemical industry
  • Manufacturing industry


  • Highly toxic and/or carcinogenic


Adhesive tape manufacturing plant (Shanghai area, China)


The project was implemented for a leading global company, represented in over 100 countries, with many bonding solutions for the consumer electronics industry, packaging for the food and beverage industry, different products for specialty vehicles, and the aviation, rail and marine industries.

Local Circumstances

Several volatile compounds must be monitored on the industrial park site to comply with local regulations and ensure safe working conditions.

Solution & Results

A customised online continuous solvent vapour monitoring system from Synspec was installed with a switchbox to provide easy alteration between calibration and measuring modus. Commissioning and training was also included as part of the project.