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LSE NH3-1700 Analyser

Low ppb ammonia monitor for the measurement of NH3 in air

Ammonia from animal farms and industrial processes are getting more and more attention from governmental organisations. In higher concentrations the smell becomes a problem. Nowadays regulations are becoming more strict to reduce ammonia emisions. The robust and sensitive ammonia analyser from LSE Monitors is designed for continuos online measurements for ambient air or for measurements in stables.   

Application Type: livestock farming

Technical Information

Noise (1σ, 120 s)

0.001 ppm
Range 0-15 ppm, on request tunable to higher concentrations
Precision A maximum precision of 0.002 ppm or 2% of measured value, whichever is the biggest
Time Resolution 30 s
Response Time (T10-90%) < 10 min

R2 > 0.999

Sample Flow Rate

80 -  140 ml/min